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            Rubber Fab Technologies Group continues to offer the industry’s most complete line of sanitary hose products and accessories with the introduction of the Golden Bridge hose support system. Our hose and tube clamps always adhere to quality standards in the industry.
            The Golden Bridge is a heavy duty, safety yellow, hose support that

             easily bolts together over any hose or stainless steel piping system. A series of bridges elevate the hose or pipe off the floor keeping it clean, reducing wear and tear on the cover, and preventing damage to the sanitary end connections. And when it’s time for wash down, the Golden Bridge prevents damming allowing CIP solutions and wash water to reach the floor drain. A benefit that helps prevent bacterial growth on the hose.

            The Rubber Fab Golden Bridge provides safety features that are a must in any active production facility. The open-face “handle” design is easy to grab for hose positioning and the safety yellow coating is not only easy to clean, it’s hard to miss!

            Golden Bridge Features

            • Safety yellow coated for high visibility
            • Easy installation
            • Supports and elevates hose and sanitary stainless steel piping systems
            • Eliminates hose abrasion
            • Open face design eliminates bacterial entrapment during wash down allowing wash fluids to reach floor drain
            • Raised design lifts hose and stainless steel piping off floor stopping damming and preventing bacterial growth
            • Impact resistant safety yellow coating protects nearby equipment and surface flooring
            • Easy grip handle aides in hose and ss pipe movement, placement and handling
            • Specifically designed for use with 1" – 4" hose and stainless steel piping systems
            • Protects stainless steel sanitary end connections
            • Polypropylene insert is inert to CIP solutions and provides thermal insulation
            • Fork lift accessible
            • Meets A.I.B. standards

            Golden Bridge in Action!

            Part Number

            Hose Size

            Assembled Weight/lbs Insert Only
            GOLDENBRIDGE-8-16 1.4" to 1.6" OD 8" 3.50 GBI-16
            GOLDENBRIDGE-8-24 2.04" to 2.16" OD 8" 3.50 GBI-24
            GOLDENBRIDGE-8-32 2.6" to 2.7" OD 8" 3.50 GBI-32
            GOLDENBRIDGE-10-40 3.1" to 3.3" OD 10" 5.13 GBI-40
            GOLDENBRIDGE-10-48 3.6" to 4.0" OD 10" 5.13 GBI-48
            GOLDENBRIDGE-10-64 4.7" to 5.0" OD 10" 5.13 GBI-64
            Please consult factory for additional sizes. Minimums may apply.



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